Antigen – Dust And Ashes / LP


Antigen – Melodic Crust-Punk | Prague CZ

10 Songs: Frontex | Soldier | No.70 | Myth Destroyers | Warlords | Scent Of Death | Dust and Ashes | One Percent | Not Your War | WE

ANTIGEN was founded as a punk band in Göttingen (Germany) in 2002. In 2018, Steffi found new band members for ANTIGEN in Prague (Czech Republic), which influenced the sound significantly and brings crust and hardcore elements into the band. ANTIGEN is melodic crust punk with ex-members from bands such as Dread 101, Fear of Extinction, Jonestown, and Angry Brigade.


Phobia Records / No Surrender Records / Angry Voice | Maniac Attack Records

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